Stunning, new inclusive image to light Aldersgate

Work is underway on an exciting new and colourful window that will evoke a hopeful and inclusive message from The Chapel at Aldersgate to the busy Durham Street frontage. Symbols and images in the window’s design have been deliberately chosen to speak to people from a variety of faith backgrounds and none, filling three giant … Continued

Durham Street recognised as Affirming Church

Durham Street Methodist has been recognised as an Affirming Church by Diverse Church – NZ’s rainbow Christian network. You can check out their listing of Affirming Churches. According to Diverse Church NZ’s criteria, an Affirming church is one that accepts people into their community regardless of their gender identity or sexuality, including same-sex couples; they … Continued

Tauiwi Tautoko: Changing hearts and minds one conversation at a time

Following the terrible attacks on the Christchurch mosques on 15 March, Durham Street Methodists, Community & Public Health, and Social Equity & Well-being Network (SEWN) called a lunchtime meeting, Being Unbreakable, to debrief, regroup and share ideas to consider how the sense of love and connectedness in our city could be supported to continue and … Continued

Toilet politics

Unlike the attached link, suggesting Mike Pence was horrified to discover a unisex toilet in his own house, this post is not Fake News. It was a no-brainer for us to put unisex facilities in Aldersgate – our new church and community facility. Not only are they more welcoming for gender diverse folk, but they are … Continued

Being Unbreakable

A lunchtime meeting was held on Monday 6 May, at Community and Public Health, to debrief, regroup, and share ideas and support for a future more inclusive Christchurch following the terror attack of 15 March. “This terrorist sought to tear our nation apart with an evil ideology that has torn the world apart. But instead we have … Continued

Living out Inclusion

The Next Steps Expo 2019, held on Monday 15 April, was about offering school-leavers with disabilities and their parents/carers information on the options for community activities and resources available to them in Canterbury. Durham St Methodists were represented at the Expo for the first time by our team of Ben, Darryn, Philo and Sue and … Continued

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