February Public Issues Update

Getting to Know and Improve Water Use in our Homes and Churches:  There is a link between water and carbon emissions. It is easy to overlook the energy used in treating and delivering water to our taps, and for heating water. Energy is used to treat water and pipe it to our homes and churches. Energy … Continued

The Real Face of Jesus

This beautiful mini-coffe table book, by Sean Hawkey, is a dramatic collection of portraits and very short true stories of men and women in Honduras, who are called Jesus. Honduras is full of drama at the moment: violence and gangs, political upheavals, mass migration, the assassination of indigenous leaders like Berta Cāceres. But among the … Continued

Ministry of Teddy Bears

The chaplaincy team at Christchurch Women’s (which also includes Children wards, Child Haematology and Oncology, and Neo-natal Intensive Care) have a ministry of giving teddy bears. They are looking for knitters to join their team. The Ministry began after the earthquakes and has made a positive impact on children and their families. The bears are … Continued

Be a Lifeline this Christmas

Christian World Service is committed to tackling the causes of poverty as well as its effects. CWS works in 22 countries with committed local partners deeply rooted in their communities, because they are most likely to make long term lasting change happen for the poorest people.

December Public Issues Update

We are heading to Christmas with the passing of the Child Poverty Reduction Act. The big news is that it was supported by all political parties, so it should give stability for continuing attention to reducing child poverty regardless of who is in power. The Act also sets measures for reporting so we can track … Continued

Website Mysteries Revealed

Interested in learning the mysteries of websites? Ever wondered what it would be like to be your own webmaster or mistress? With the revamping and relaunch of our new website, the New Black (our website consultants) will shortly be running training for people on how to update content, add pages etc. We already have two … Continued

Welcoming Refugees

The ‘I Welcome Pledge’ asked New Zealanders if they supported community sponsorship of refugees and if they would like to see the current pilot become an annual programme. In all, over 10,000 people have added their voices so far to the Pledge. More information is available at https://www.iwelcome.org.nz/, where you can pledge your support for … Continued

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