Virtual Sunday: Church-Not-As-Usual

May 24, 2020 @ 10:00-11:30amClick here for meeting link or help getting connected

We’ll be gathering this Sunday at 10:00am at your place, but don’t worry, no need to do an extra clean-up or get in more morning tea supplies. Instead you are invited to an exciting new experiment in doing church differently in the age of the virus, Virtual Sundays: Church-Not-As-Usual.

This is not just a video of a pretend church service without the people. It’s a real gathering of real people; come prepared to join in. We plan to have plenty of time to share church family & community news, sing happy birthday, and keep in touch. (We believe church is who we are together. You can read a Blog about that and a theology of church notices.)

We will share a Reflection on the week’s readings from the bible, (if you want to prepare, and maybe even ask some tough questions, we’ll send them out before hand) and, if we can get it organised, have a good sing together. We usually have a coffee break in the middle. There are only two things we can absolutely guarantee: (1) it wont be church as usual, and (2) you’ll be made absolutely welcome.

It may be a bit rough, so please forgive us. But we are keen to just jump right in, as we are, to make sure we can keep in touch, as soon as possible. We are building community not a slick production!

HOW DO I JOIN IN? Its simple. You just need an internet capable device (computer, laptop, tablet or even smart phone), and access to the internet. Email us at virtualsundays@aldersgate.org.nz and we’ll send you an invitation email. Click on the link provided, and you should start connecting up. It may prompt you to download an app the first time, so allow some extra time when you first join.

If you need any help leave a message at virtualsundays@aldersgate.org.nz with your phone number, or you can watch a video and join a test meeting with Zoom at https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362193-Joining-a-Meeting

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