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Throughout this website, we hope you will discover more of our living story and our vision of what we are trying to work for. We want to build a radically inclusive community in the heart of the city that welcomes all, encourages people to become all God meant us to be, works for social justice and care of the planet, and helps each other on our spiritual journey. We unapologetically draw on our Methodist heritage, as we strive to follow the life-changing wisdom and way of Jesus of Nazareth. But we understand that God is bigger than any one spiritual tradition or perspective, and value what others have to contribute – including those who bring their healthy scepticism and doubts.

We are a Registered Charity CC48261, which means that donations over $5 can be tax deductible. 
Our most recent financial statements and other reporting information are regularly posted on the Charities website under our legal name (get ready, it’s a mouthful!) The Methodist Church of New Zealand Te Haahi Weteriana O Aotearoa Christchurch Central Parish
God doesn’t want your money if it will exploit you or put you into debt – and neither do we. Giving should make you feel good about yourself and others. So we only want your financial help when you are ready and able. In the meantime, there are lots of other ways of giving yourself and your time, and getting involved.

Ways to Give

Giving by Internet Banking

Donate using internet banking straight into our BNZ (Riccarton branch) account no. 02 0820 0162064 00 (Christchurch Central Methodist Parish). Remember if you want to give to a particular cause include this for us in the Particulars, Code or Reference fields. If you would like a receipt or to claim a tax deduction also include your name for us in the Particulars, Code or Reference fields, and send an email to with your name, your contact details, the amount and date you gave, (if recurring) how often, and the particular cause your donation was for (optional). You can usually set this up as a one-off or a recurring donation, depending on your bank.

Giving at Sunday Gatherings

Donate the old-fashioned way in cash. Remember if you want to give to a particular cause bring an envelope and mark the cause on the outside of the envelope. If you would like a receipt or to claim a tax deduction include your name and contact details on the envelope.

Giving Online

Donate with a credit card via Tithely. You can set this up as a one-off or a recurring donation. A receipt can be automatically provided if you register.

You can find out more about Tithely here. Please note that Tithely charges the church the following fees, but there is an option for you to add the fees to your donation:

  • 2.9% + NZ$0.30 per successful charge – Visa, MasterCard & Maestro
  • 3.5% + NZ$0.30 per successful charge – American Express.

You can give to support our overall work  – wherever it is needed most.

Let the Children Live – John Wesley School, Eshowe

You can also give directly to Christian World Service


Or to Christchurch Methodist Mission


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