Who are we?

Durham Street Methodist Church is a small community of people, but we each have our own story. And we’d love you to join with us and help us grow. Collectively we share from these stories, care for and support each other to be faithful followers of Jesus of Nazareth in today’s complex world. On an average Sunday the Gathering ranges from 30 to 50. On special occasions there may be more. Some of us come in t-shirts, some in suits – you’ll fit in, no matter what.

We are a mixed and surprising bunch of humans of Christchurch, aiming to live out the wisdom and way of Jesus of Nazareth in today’s complex world. Committed to:

  • Being an inclusive, open and welcoming community to all,
    no exceptions,
  • Providing a safe place to question and think for
  • Finding and nurturing hope in the city and

Our Values

We are especially for those who:

  • don’t want to leave their brain at the door when they go to church;
  • have given up on the conventional church, or the conventional church has given up on them;
  • don’t know what they believe or if they believe anything any more;
  • may have been hurt, excluded or put down by society; and
  • care for the earth and believe in social justice, believe a better world is possible and aren’t afraid of being a part of making that happen.

We are not afraid to try out the new and challenging, nor to draw on deep traditions. (Most Sundays you’ll be able to experience traditional music with provocative words). We are an inclusive, and progressive church. All are welcome, no exceptions.

We are not alone, but connected to other Methodists across Aotearoa New Zealand and the world, and we are committed to working with other Christians and other faiths.

Download our full Parish Strategic Direction here

What is Aldersgate? Where does the name come from?

The history of this name traces across the globe, and originally was an actual gate on the ancient London Wall – one of the four original gates constructed by the Romans in the 2nd or 3rd centuries. The link with our community centre in Christchurch begins when the gate gave its name to Aldersgate Street, which runs north from the site of the former gate towards Clerkenwell.

Read the full story here

Who’s who and who’s in charge around here?

The short answer is ‘we are all in charge’!

We firmly believe in encouraging “each person to develop his/her full potential by accepting and nurturing each other, developing skills and providing resources, challenging and enabling for service in the Church and community.”

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We are not alone – Our relationships and connections

Durham Street Methodists are part of a strong network of wider relationships and local connections.

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