Workers in the Vineyard

There are so many complexities embedded in the story, I don’t even know where to begin: politically, economically, theologically, and racially. “Who decides who deserves what?” What happens when some of us can’t get hired and are left on the street, hungry, tired, exploited and un-seen? Why do we buy into social constructs, like racism, … Continued

Leaving the Garden

Creation doesn’t stand still. How would you write a biblical creation story now, in the time we live in and with today’s understanding of what we live on? There are really only two options. Either we try to fit what we know now about our universe into the stories we have heard from our childhood, … Continued

Changing Times

You’ll be wondering – perhaps – why the first reading wasn’t, as it usually is, from the Hebrew Scriptures. Except that it was, in a way. It’s a midrash, a story about a story in the scripture, told by Marc Gellman, a Jewish scholar and rabbi, as a means to begin a discussion around how … Continued

The Butterfly Effect

What if I were to tell you that what we do this week could change the world? Would you believe me? Would you believe me or doubt me? We’ll never know, of course, unless we try. Two women once made a decision, took a chance, and changed the world. It was simultaneously a small gesture and an … Continued

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