The Chaotic Feast

Last Sunday the story of the parable was full of violence carried out under extreme provocation: people beating and killing and stoning servants, then killing the land owner’s son. When we went home, we saw images of death and violence in Israel and Gaza. This morning the gospel reading does not get better. There is … Continued

Workers in the Vineyard

There are so many complexities embedded in the story, I don’t even know where to begin: politically, economically, theologically, and racially. “Who decides who deserves what?” What happens when some of us can’t get hired and are left on the street, hungry, tired, exploited and un-seen? Why do we buy into social constructs, like racism, … Continued

On ‘ Just Not Getting It’

The lectionary has been following John 6 over the last four weeks and today’s gospel reading is the last phase of this long chapter.  Commentaries usually point out that every story in this chapter deals with bread in some way.  This is clearly why the author chose to link these stories together, one after another.  … Continued

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