A New Hope

Today this parish – this community – is being asked to write down what our life together is like. Who are we? What makes us a faith community – a Christian community? What does it mean to follow the way of Christ – to be disciples of Christ? Now, in our particular time and place, … Continued

The End is Nigh? Or perhaps not!

In 1499, the German mathematician and astronomer Johannes Stöffler predicted that a vast flood would engulf the world on 20th February 1524. In Europe, more than 100 different pamphlets were published endorsing Stöffler’s doomsday prophecy. Business boomed for boat-builders, not least for German nobleman Count von Iggleheim, who constructed a three-story ark on the Rhine. … Continued

What Language Should We Speak?

For generations Pentecost was one of the great high feast days of the church; right up there with Easter and Epiphany. The three great high feast days of the church year were Easter, Epiphany and Pentecost; not Christmas.  Pentecost the day when the church celebrates the birth of the church. As we celebrate the birthday of the … Continued

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