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  • Final Reflection October 1, 2018
    I’ve been asked by several people for the text of the final reflection of my time with ‘streeTs’.  Here it is.  The readings were read by other people. There have been times in the last 2 and a bit years of walking Christchurch’s often-munted streets when I’ve wondered what I ever thought I was doing. […]
  • What is it that I do? August 20, 2018
    I read this recently in a Facebook post that came my way. It’s by Henri Nouwen. It describes well what streets is set up to be: “More and more, the desire grows in me simply to walk around, greet people, enter their homes, sit on their doorsteps, play ball, throw water, and be known as […]
  • City Reflection 2 Water in Eden July 1, 2018
    A city is a human structure – a place created by us, for us.  We live and work here.  It supports our life and cradles us in death.  And in between birth and death, we find our humanness in the ways we find to live together as strangers.  Cities are our creation.  Places of wood, […]
  • Reflections on my city 1 June 11, 2018
    Over 50% of the world’s population is now urbanised.  It’s a tide that comes in but never goes out.  Christchurch now has more people than before the quakes.  And about 1/3 of the population of the South Island makes home here.  A settler city, whose founders aim was to colonise what they saw as empty […]
  • Uses. A Meditation for Good Friday March 25, 2018
    USES  Strange, isn’t it, the uses we find for things? Take wood for example. Rimu, kauri, kahikatea – such beautiful grain and lustre, Extraordinary pieces of furniture Hand-crafted by the loving hands of artists. Totara, carved into panels by Maori craftsmen Expressing generations in forms of living beauty. Wood has such splendour and depth in […]
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