Please adjust your expectations

I had never quite thought of the season of Advent like this before. As many of you know very well, I have an adult child with disabilities. He has two occasions he most looks forward to each year, and indeed measures the passage of time against – Christmas and his birthday, And yes, its for … Continued

Are you a belieber?

No I don’t mean a follower of a certain male pop star. This thought provoking essay by Debie Thomas on one of the most famous verses in the Christian gospels, John 3:16, is a handy reminder that this universal, inclusive, love-expanding, self-giving explanation of the heart of Christianity has too often been weaponised, used to exclude, … Continued

Jesus, Salvation & Other Religions

Different religions: they can’t all be true? Or can you be a Methodist Buddhist? WARNING: The linked post by Roger Wolsey contains theology that may require you to engage your brain. I don’t think religious tolerance is good enough anymore. Certainly we need to move past intolerance and prejudice. In later life, my father embarrassedly … Continued

From the Billboard Jan 2020

A New Year Resolution: This year I want to be more like Jesus:* Hang out with disreputables* Upset religious people* Tell stories that make people think* Choose unpopular friends* Offend those in power* Be kind. loving & merciful* Take naps in boats. Thanks to the Progressive Methodists Facebook page for the inspiration for this Billboard

From the Billboard Jan 2019

“I’ve never heard anyone complain that Christians act too much like Jesus. Even the hardest, angriest, most anti-God atheist will complian that the problem with Christians is that we don’t act enough like Jesus” (Karl Vaters)

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