All we want for Christmas is an end to poverty

On Monday evening 20 or so people from church and community came together to talk in the post-election environment about: What would it take to end poverty in Aotearoa New Zealand; What policies are needed; Is there the political will to make it happen?

We heard simulating and to-the-point presentations from our three panelists:

  • Jill Hawkey, Eecutive Director of Christchurch Methodist Mission,
  • Trevor McGlinchey (Ngai Tahu), Executive Officer, New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services, and member of the Government’s Welfare Expert Advisory Group (WEAG)
  • Dr Duncan Webb, Member of Parliament for Christchurch Central. 

It was followed by a vigorous and engaged discussion on what we can do about poverty an inequality in Aotearoa New Zealand. There was strong support for urgent and effective implementation of the recommendations of the Welfare Expert Advisory Group, including eliminating the gap between benefit levels and survivable incomes, further reducing abatement rates for people on benefits getting back to work, eliminating punitive penalties and promoting a more helpful and supportive culture in Income Support, increasing minimum wage and employment opportunities, and a commitment to building public and affordable housing at an ‘industrial level’. 

Please get in touch with our Social Justice Group if you like to help campaign on any of these issues. 

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