Be a Lifeline this Christmas

Be a Lifeline this Christmas news - photo credit CWS
Photo Credit CWS

Christian World Service is committed to tackling the causes of poverty as well as its effects. CWS works in 22 countries with committed local partners deeply rooted in their communities, because they are most likely to make long term lasting change happen for the poorest people. By supporting their work, we are strengthening local communities to deal with challenges like climate change, violence against women, poverty, conflict and loss of livelihood.

If a natural disaster strikes, they know who needs help first and how to make it happen, and partners can reach communities where governments cannot go. Where CWS itself does not have a local partner, they work with Action by Churches Together Alliance partners to provide emergency relief, and to help those affected get back on their feet. Poor people can rely on their partners for long-term support whatever happens.

You can support CWS’s Christmas Lifeline Appeal by putting a donation in an envelope marked ‘CWS’ at any Sunday Gathering or on-line at (You’ll need to include your name and contact details if you want to claim a tax deduction.)

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