Breaking the Bubble for Nancy’s 90th

We have kept connected through emails and personal phone calls. However, on the 3rd of June we took another step forward breaking out of our bubbles, being around more people. We came together at Wallace’s place for fellowship and rejoicing with Nancy Lemke on her 90th birthday.  Nothing mattered except being in the presence of one another. We reconnected with the familiar, listening to music, sharing stories, and having fellowship over refreshments. In the midst of laughter and joy there was the sense of missing each other and our Sunday physical gathering. 

As I was reflecting on our social event, I remembered a call from the past. John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, would organise early Methodists into small groups called “bands” which met weekly to check in on each other so that church members did not need to connect with each other on their own. 

This experience of lockdown has brought about some insights into the way we need to re-organise ourselves to provide care and connectedness for a wider community.

It’s easy to be scared of change. But in reality, the church has already proven that it is more than ready to adapt to changing circumstances. We have made it work. We need to continue on the path of creativity and innovation in order to share more effectively the good news to a wider community.

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