Ending homelessness in Christchurch?

CTV are producing a video documentary series on ending homelessness in Christchurch, based on the work of Housing First, an amazing collaborative venture coordinated by the Methodist Mission, that in just a number of months has already housed more than 30 homeless people, giving them new hope and opportunities, as well as a roof over their heads.

Watch here the story of young Nuku. He had been sleeping rough for about two years before being housed by Housing First. In this video, Nuku talks about what life was like for him and how Ruth and the Housing First team have helped him into a warm, affordable and secure home Living in a Tunnel – How Did I Let it Happen? (5:36)

Henare (‘Uncle’) is another one of the people housed by Housing First since May last year. “When I was on the streets, I thought I didn’t need help. But, you really do need help,” he says.  Too many of Uncle’s friends died while they lived on Christchurch streets. He wishes they could come around and have a cuppa in his new house. Learn some of Uncle’s story and what faces many others in Ending Homelessness in Christchurch. (10:25)

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