Let your light shine

As an act of solidarity, and perhaps even mystical connection, we are encouraging everyone who can, to light a candle in their window (or on their table) at 7:00pm each Sunday evening and say a prayer for the vulnerable, alone or elderly in our community (those we know and those we don’t), and to give thanks for all the essential service workers who will keep us going during the lock-down, many of them placing themselves in harms way for our sakes: doctors and nurses, journalists and sanitary workers, supermarket staff and bus drivers.

We didn’t invent this idea, so we can’t claim credit, but we think it’s an idea worth supporting. If you pick up this idea, please let us know by adding a comment below.

You can also share this idea with your family, friends and neighbours, as lighting a candle is a symbol for many different faiths, and even for those without any particular faith. Its a way we can all defiantly shine a little light in the darkness. And wouldn’t it be marvellous to see the windows of our city, indeed our whole nation, wonderfully flickering little signs of hope during these times. 

Kiakaha. We are not alone.

4 responses to “Let your light shine

  1. Yes lets pray for them and give thanks for them and please also make regular contact with those we know – being home alone right now is very difficult for some and being out there in the community working is quite scary for some but we keep doing it for the community.

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