The Real Face of Jesus

The Real Face of Jesus Book - News

This beautiful mini-coffe table book, by Sean Hawkey, is a dramatic collection of portraits and very short true stories of men and women in Honduras, who are called Jesus.

Honduras is full of drama at the moment: violence and gangs, political upheavals, mass migration, the assassination of indigenous leaders like Berta Cāceres. But among the struggles of daily life, there is a rich cultural and spiritual life too. This book focuses on that meeting of faith and social issues. Every page is poignant as it tells the true stories of the extraordinary lives of people who happen to be called Jesus. It begins with Jesus the political prisoner and ends with gay Jesus. While set in Honduras, it is about finding Jesus among our neighbours, about finding something sacred in the people around us, wherever we are.

More information and ordering details are available on Kickstarter

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