New Aldersgate window shines

This week our long-awaited Aldersgate window was successfully installed. The original Aldersgate in London was the spot where founder of the Methodist movement, John Wesley’s “heart was strangely warmed”.  His faith became real and visceral. It also impelled him into the world of poverty and the marginalised, so that he (and the church) would never be the same again. 

Our new Aldersgate window also echoes in its brilliant colours images of a vibrant and inclusive faith. The window was designed and created by Graham Stewart (Stewart Stained Glass), who personally sees it as an important artistic legacy project for the city. The design is based on powerful and affirming images that are important to members of Durham Street Church, but also, we hope, speak to many beyond of different faiths and no specific faith: the encircling rainbow, the central dove, and the river of life that flows into the tree of life. Click here if you’d like to read more of the story this window has to tell and the significance of these symbols for a number of faiths

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