Making a safe space for LGBTQI+ people of colour

During easter week, Rev Philo Kinera convened a small meeting at Aldersgate with Qtopia and others interested in supporting and advocating for queer people of colour. It coincided with a visit to Christchurch of Cayathri Divakalala, co-founder of Adhikaar Aotearoa – who is based in Hamilton. Adhikaar Aotearoa provides education, advocacy and support so that all LGBTQI+ … Continued

Adding our voice to ban on Conversion Therapy

“Conversion therapy” has very little to do with what Christians would normally associate with ‘conversion’, and is less like legitimate ‘therapy’ than a form of physical and or mental torture. It assumes that being LGBTQI+ is a “sickness” that needs to be “cured”, which we firmly assert it is not (along with all the major … Continued

We are loved

Aldersgate was alive last Sunday for a special celebration to close Pride Week in Christchurch. Just under 60 people of all ages took part in a colourful and creative celebration, under the theme of We Are Loved. Opening with the haunting sounds of the song “Draw the circle wide” from our lock-down friends at Eastminster … Continued

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