Welcome back II

It still may not be church as usual, but as from Sunday 03 October we are back meeting in person for our Sunday Gatherings at Aldersgate. As much as we enjoyed staying in touch with Virtual Sundays again, we are so looking forward to seeing each other again in person. As usual, we really don’t care … Continued


Durham Street Methodists will not be meeting at Aldersgate this Sunday, but instead we will be meeting in your living room. Don’t worry – no need for an extra tidy up or a rush to the supermarket for extra morning tea supplies.  As we discovered last year, in the age of COVID we can do … Continued

Solidarity with those in MIQ

With life in Aotearoa New Zealand feeling almost normal again, and bubbles opening up with Aussie and Cook Islands, its easy to forget there are still more than 2,800 people currently in Managed Isolation & Quarantine (MIQ) behind the black mesh fencing, and just under 4,000 expected to arrive in the next 14 days (as … Continued

I Don’t Want to Recover

Recovery after a major disruption can feel comforting. We just want to get back to the way things were – the warm blanket of the familiar and the easy, after all the stress, and change, and challenge. Mark Gibson, from New Brighton Union and Port Hills Uniting Churches reminds us, however: “Recovery is not a … Continued

Elimination Heroes

While the Prime Minister has emphasised the role of the ‘team of five million’ in achieving no active Covid-19 cases in such short time, its also good to see some media coverage given to the behind-the-scenes local heroes in fighting the virus. Did you notice the photo of Stephen Chambers in this weekend’s Press? Professor Stephen … Continued

Breaking the Bubble for Nancy’s 90th

We have kept connected through emails and personal phone calls. However, on the 3rd of June we took another step forward breaking out of our bubbles, being around more people. We came together at Wallace’s place for fellowship and rejoicing with Nancy Lemke on her 90th birthday.  Nothing mattered except being in the presence of one … Continued

World Day of Prayer on the pandemic

May the 14 has been declared by a number of world religious leaders as a day of prayer, fasting and supplications for an end to the COVID-19 pandemic.   More information on the day can be found in this article. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200508005369/en/Higher-Committee-Human-Fraternity-Calls-Global-Day In response to this call, the Canterbury Interfaith Society has coordinated religious leaders and congregations from … Continued

Our experience of the lockdown

Our Church Community’s Experience of the Lockdown:During Virtual Sunday this week (10 June 2020), Matthew asked us to share photos of what we missed most, or what we appreciated most during the lockdown. Here is the result:

Letting Go of the Idols of Certainty

There is something about a crisis that makes us want to cling onto certainty even tighter. I have heard it said that the two things that people need most in a crisis is certainty and connection. And during the Covid-19 lockdown that separates us (for very good reasons) into our own little bubbles, I guess … Continued

Virtual Easter Sunday

Over 50 people gathered on-line during the lockdown to celebrate our Virtual Easter Sunday with the Durham Street Methodist community. Thanks to Hugh for grabbing these pictures of the diverse bunch of participants we are, some decorated eggs and colourful hats – that we were asked by Philo to bring along for the celebration. Her … Continued

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